3M Night Vision Series

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Lower Reflectivity compared to your standard silver film

Better sight at night is the name of the game and Night vision series window films blocks the suns ultraviolet rays as well as stops unwanted heat and glare. It lets the natural light into your space during the day and because of the very low reflectivity it allows you to still see out at night. The darker versions of this film can also accomplish nearly perfect daytime privacy if you so desire. 


Keep everyone cool and comfortable.

On a hot summer day the sun can increase inside temperatures drastically in your home or business which creates uncomfortable living and working conditions as well as adding to unnecessarily high energy bills and adding strain to your air conditioning system.  3M Night vision series films reject up to 78%  of the heat coming in through your windows. The result is a more comfortable place for everyone to be and savings on your cooling costs.


An investment that pays for itself (actually!).

There are not many improvements that you can make to your building that can pay for themselves in less than 5 years. By rejecting the heat from windows 3M Window Films provide results that are immediately felt and can be so significant that the amount of money you save on energy costs could pay for your film in less than five years. With the increase in energy costs, the payback continues to get shorter while you consistently enjoy the benefits of having a more comfortable building or home. 


A life extension - On your belongings.

Ceramic Series films helps extend the life of furnishing, artwork, flooring, and other belongings significantly reducing harmful UV rays, the single largest cause of fading. 



Brochure in Pdf format as provided by 3M Canada

Sun Series Technical information

Control the Sun with Ceramics
Controls the Sun reduces Temperature
Reduces Sun up to 79%
Optimize Natural Light
Cools, Protection, Privacy

Sample of our 3M Sun Series Films