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Ultra Series - Security Film


The use of window safety and security laminate is increasing as homeowners and business owners understand how effective it can be against forced entry. There are a number of important factors in selecting the right solution for your specific requirements.


• Micro-layered, tear-resistant film for enhanced protection of people, property and possessions

• Mitigates hazards from shattered glass due to natural and human causes

• Helps protect people from flying glass shards, one of the most common causes of blast related injuries and fatalities

• Increases security and provides added protection against smash and grab burglaries

• Can be combined with 3MT* Impact Protection attachment systems for additional safety and security

• Helps extend the life of furnishings by significantly reducing harmful UV rays, the largest cause of fading

• Comprehensive warranty from 3M

Bomb Blast and Explosion Protection

• Help protect people from flying glass shards, one of the most common causes of blast related injuries and fatalities

Windstorm and Debris Protection

• Help reduce damage by water or debris, even if the window is broken

• Help protect occupants, assets and maintain continuity of operations

Safety Glazing and Human Impact

• Upgrade your glass to meet safety glazing codes

• Help protect your occupants from broken glass hazards

Break and Entry

• Provides precious time by helping to deter unwanted individuals from entering your building or home

• Help protect occupants and assets

Seismic and Spontaneous Glass Breakage

• Help keep glass fragments from falling from your windows, protecting people and potentially reducing injuries on your property

Street crime.

3M Safety and Security Window Films also help you deter street crime. Because the window film helps hold the glass in place, criminals don't have the quick ac

they need to successfully smash and grab merchandise. Often the window slows them down to such a degree that they may choose to move on to an easier target.

Protecting people and property with 3MTM

Sometimes the threat is from nature, other times people. No matter where the threat comes from, 3M Safety and Security Window Films can help you be prepared

for the worst.

ULTRA S600 Technical Information  | Ultra Series Warranty

33M products are tested to multiple industry standards. Results are available upon request in order to assist you in both product selection and help you meet local building requirements and or standards.


Safety & Security Technical Information

Specifications for 3M Safety S40
Specifications for 3M Safety S70
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